Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Harrowing Winds

woke me today, rattling the window by my head.

Dream recap: The first was a hectic and realistic dream where I was attempting to drive a over-sized big rig filled with vinyl records and cds, which were falling out the top of the trailer as I drove. The second involved me driving Andy's sky blue Thunderbird down the streets of Sacramento, stuffing random appliances in the back seat.

Andy won't allow me to drive his precious Batman II, so I am going to just be happy I can drive "him" in my dreams. Vroom Vroom!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brain, Part II

I walked the stormy block to the Central Library during my lunch break and borrowed some crucial material for building my brain:


Along with a documentary on North Korea's Mass Games called "A State of Mind"
OK Brain, let's do this!

Okee Dokee

I told myself that today is the day I begin to organize my life a bit. Included in this miniature cleanse are the piles of baubles and jewelry I have around my room, my body, and my brain.
This blog will be my rather recreational attempt at waking up my writing self. YAWN. Part one of brain: Check.